My Books

I currently have written two books: “Learning Lessons From Furry Friends,” and “The Prodigal Pup.” Both are children’s books, and here is the update on what’s happening with them.

“Learning Lessons From Furry Friends” is a children’s book based on all the TRUE stories surrounding my family’s experiences raising puppies and kittens. I have tied in a spiritual lesson to each chapter of the book, and the overall purpose is to reveal to the children the love of their Savior through the animals that He gave us.

This book has now been accepted by TEACH Services, Inc. for their LEVEL 4 (top level) publishing package!! They’re actually a self-publisher (one of the best, in my opinion), so instead of them buying the book from me, and then paying me royalties when it sells; I pay them to do all the work and distribution of my book, and then I receive the main proceeds.

“The Prodigal Pup” is another children’s story that I wrote based on a TRUE short story I heard from a pastor about a little stray puppy he and his family cared for while they were missionaries in Cambodia. The plan of salvation is illustrated in this book through the eyes of a stubborn mongrel who loved to roll in the village sewer drainage puddle.

I emailed a copy of my book to the pastor to see what he thought of it. His reply was that he loved my idea, but he would need to analyze the story further to be sure it was accurate. I immediately began to worry that I had completely messed up the facts, and perhaps he wouldn’t like it after all. My worry increased when I didn’t hear from him for about a month.

However, I just received an email from him that I must share with you:
“Dear Sarah, I want to apologize for being slow, so very slow, to answer your email.  It wasn’t fair to you to just let it sit here. Sometimes life is so full I seem to not be able to focus on what could have taken a short time and been a quick blessing to you. I’m sorry. There’s no good excuse.

Anyway, that aside, you have written a really special and fun story and it needs to be sent to a publisher! The story is accurate and refreshed from a special perspective. . . .

May God bless your use of it!
Thank you for your patience.
For Jesus’ joy,
Pastor S.”

I am so happy!! He has made no changes whatsoever to the story that I wrote!! I can’t thank him, or my Heavenly Father Who has given me a love for writing enough!!


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