A Cheep Blessing

A few weeks ago a terrible storm blew through and knocked about fifteen trees over in our yard. One of those trees held a nest of baby birds. We came after the storm and found the nest and two of the little naked, pink babies. One was dead, but the other was alive and kicking! We brought him inside and wrapped him in a piece of soft cloth and put him in a plastic dish for a nest. We left him alone for a while, as he was deep shock from his fall onto the hard gravel road.

After a few hours he had revived enough to begin cheeping and opening his mouth for food. We decided that, although we weren’t sure exactly what kind of bird he was, we would assume he was robin from the build of his nest. We fed him a worm in faith, and he slurped it down with great gusto!! From then on we fed him every fifteen minutes to half hour, and he has grown quite big.

In the past three weeks, Cheeper, as we call him, has matured into a miniature robin. He learned to fly all on his own, and his feathers came in and made him irresistibly cute! He graduated to living solely outdoors, but he still likes us to baby him–just so no other birds notice. He answers us and comes when we call him, and we take him in the garden with us, where he’ll pull worms out of the dirt as we turn it over. He still likes to be cuddled, although he won’t let us hold him for very long anymore.

Here are the latest pictures of our little Cheeper:

This morning I read a verse in the psalms that reminded me of our experience with Cheeper. Psalm 50:11 said, “I know all the birds of the mountains.” Cheeper was special to the Father in heaven from the moment he was born, and I’m sure He sent us his way so we could care for him and pull him through. What a loving God we have!!


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