New Family Member

I never though it would happen, but we decided to get another kitty! Puff is getting old, and she doesn’t pay much attention to the chipmunks invading our property anymore. So we brought home Scamper, who, strangely enough, looks just like a cat we had many years ago named Blackie.

At first our dogs weren’t sure if we had brought them home another chipmunk to chase, or if that puny little ball of fluff was really going to be another pet. But after a few weeks they accepted Scamper as an acceptable life form, a little lower than the average dog.

Now they think the world of Scamper, and have found her to be a very entertaining play mate. She and Nikki get along splendidly–even engaging in a friendly wrestle now and then–which is something I have seldom seen a dog and cat do. Shasta, the serious-minded sheep dog that she is, feels it is her duty to herd the kitty. Scamper plays along, however, and the threesome have a wonderful time.

So, meet Scamper:

Here are some pictures I took today of them playing:

Scamper’s new wrestling tactic: Exploding Kitty Cannonball! Nikki’s not sure what to think of it.

Shasta watching Scamper’s every move!

Shasta herding the straying kitty.

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