Poetical Paragraph

So, here’s one of my English assignments: Write a descriptive paragraph that uses poetic devices such as rhyming words, alliteration, and assonance. Here is what I produced:

The Pagan or the Pure
          Picture with me a woman. She rides upon a brilliantly bright-colored beast. It is not that hard to find her. We just look for her incredible crowd of followers and she is in their midst. She is clothed in a tight-fitting, bright-glittering, low-cut gown of purple and scarlet. She fairly glints in the sunshine, as its rays reflect off her necklaces of pearls, golden earrings, and her rings set with diamonds and rubies. She gazes boldly and seducingly at her followers, and then laughs loudly and boisterously as she sips drunkenly from the immense golden cup of wine in her hand. Now contrast that picture with this one. Another woman, very beautiful, stands on the barren wastelands of the moon. Her long, flowing garment, draped modestly yet becomingly about her, is woven from the purest rays of the sun itself. Her wispy, wavy hair tumbles about her slender shoulders, and a garland of shining stars rests on her brow. Her features are soft and gentle, and her eyes are chastely cast downward. One woman represents the pagan Babylonian church, while the other represents the pure bride of Christ Himself—His church; His people. Which one are you?
(Taken from Revelation 17:3-6 & 12:1)

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