HOT Off the Press!!!

My children’s book of true animal stories of our pets titled “Learning Lessons From Furry Friends” is NOW! AVAILABLE! on Amazon: (click here)–sorry the picture isn’t up yet, but that’s coming soon, Barnes & Noble: (click here) , and the publisher’s website: (click here). I am so excited, and so happy! Thank you everyone for your support, and I hope you will read and enjoy it!! If you do, perhaps you could post a rating and review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble to help boost the popularity of the book. I would greatly appreciate that! I am so excited and praising the Lord that I am now an official author! YAHOO!!! Also remember that Christmas is coming soon, and these would make wonderful Christmas presents for your children, grandchildren, young nieces or nephews, or any children you know! ENJOY!!

P.S. If you look around, you will also find this book available in hardcover on the same websites.


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