Praying with a Purpose!

So, I have a prayer list with many, many names on it. When I would begin to pray, I would always find it hard to remember all the names without having my list right in front of me. So, I broke all the names down into categories (friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.). Then I assigned a different category to each day of the week. Here’s my modified list:

P ersonal & family on Sunday
R elatives on Monday
A uthorities & government on Tuesday
Y our friends on Wednesday
E ach neighbor on Thursday
R eligious leaders & church family on Friday
S tudiers (those we are studying the Bible with) on Saturday

And, yes, it does spell PRAYERS! This has been a wonderful help me. Now, rather than praying haphazardly, I am learning to PRAY with a PURPOSE! These are the kind of prayers that God loves to answer.


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