Faithful Watchdogs

Our family has two dogs: Shasta, our beautiful, loyal Border Collie, and Nikki, my… well, let’s just say my cute but not-so-smart little ragamuffin.

Shasta and Nikki.
 It’s easy to think that our dogs just play all day long and never work at all! But today, as I observed Shasta out of our from window, I noticed different. As I watched, Shasta sat down right in the middle of our driveway by the main road. She wasn’t just sitting resting–she was sitting very erect and rigid, her ears pricked. She didn’t know that I was watching her, and I smiled as she gazed intently over the landscape from horizon to horizon. She perked up at any little noise that could mean danger for us–her family. As I sat there watching Shasta, I realized that our dogs do not just goof around all day. They are on duty–guard duty–to protect the family that they love. Sure they play together and have fun with the cat now and then, but every so often they take a moment out of their playtime to make sure that there is no potential dangers lurking near that could harm their family!
Oh, and there’s one other special job I should mention that only Shasta holds. That very important job is of “Cat Stalker.” Humans would probably argue that that isn’t a job at all, but only a dog would know just how important a Cat Stalker really is. Shasta knows, and she takes her job seriously!
Shasta stalking Scamper’s every move.

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