My Mother

Here’s a poem that I wrote many years ago (2007, actually, for Mother’s Day). I want to share it with all of you, as it’s Mom’s birthday today.

Thank You Mom

Moms were made for many things:
To care for and to please us.
They pray and guide us all the way,
And give us love from Jesus.

God made moms in different ways:
For playing, working, caring.
He made some soft and gentle,
And others brave and daring.

I’ll tell you all about my mom:
God made her exactly right!
He made her soft but brave,
And filled her with heavenly light.

Last of all I thank you Mom–
I’m glad you’re not like some!
We could not ask for more from you!
Just thanks for being our Mom.

Happy birthday to a wonderful mother and friend! I love you! 

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