The Time has Come…

…For the puppies to start going to their new homes and owners. They are 8 weeks old today. It’s a bittersweet time. We’re very sad to see them go–we love them all so much–but at the same time, we’re very happy with the wonderful homes and new families they’re going to!

But, for those of you who are thinking that you’ve missed out on a puppy, I’ve got good news: You haven’t! We still have one puppy available! Lark is the baby of the bunch. He loves to be pampered and petted. He also the curliest, so that’s why I call him my teddy bear. 🙂 See our Available Pups page for updated individual pictures, and enjoy these random ones from our 8-week-old photo shoot:

But first, don’t forget the weekly group photo:

Lark, Jay, Kestrel, Phoebe, and Chickadee.

Chickadee-girl! Soon to be Lola Petunia! 🙂
Three best friends and a sleepy-head!
Kestrel, Phoebe, and Chickadee.
DeeDee again.
My Larky-boy. Still available!

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