"We’re All Ready!"

Hello everybody! The puppies are now 9 weeks old and all ready to go to their new families! Two puppies left just today–Jay and Chickadee. But Kestrel, Lark, and Phoebe are still around, and what’s more, Larky-boy is STILL AVAILABLE! Here’s some highlights of our weekly photo shoot, and, like always, you can view the individual pictures on our Available Pups page. Enjoy!

This week I did all the photos in our van to help the puppies say, “We’re ready to go to our new homes!” 🙂

I got two group photos that I really liked:

“When you’ll gonna come take us home?
We’re gettin’ tired of waitin’!” 😛

Of course, two puppies make the perfect pose, and I just manage to catch it… only to realize that I forgot to turn on my flash! Well, what else could I do but crank up all the settings in my photo editor, and turn those pictures into really “old”, grainy, discolored photos. And, what do you know, these two turned out to be my favorite photos from the whole shoot! 🙂



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