A New Perspective

Dear reader:

Want to change your whole perspective on life? Then, first, let me ask you what the purpose of your life is…. I hope that all of you will answer that it is to bring glory and honor to God and further the gospel. If this is your answer, then you are absolutely right, for the Bible says “whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31, emphasis added).

Well, then, let me ask you another question: What are the purposes of eating, sleeping, education, marriage, your vocation, and all the other aspects of life? Here is where we find varied answers. Some will say that the purpose of eating to satisfy the stomach’s hunger, and others will answer that the purpose of sleeping is for re-energizing the body. Some will say that the purpose of education is a means for obtaining a more advanced job, and still others will inform you that the purpose of your vocation is to earn a living and support yourself. Still others will state that the purpose of marriage is to unite two lovers and raise a family. And in some respects this is all true.

But what is the bigger picture? If we are to do all to the glory of God, wouldn’t that include every aspect of life? What if we were to make the purpose of eating, sleeping, education, marriage, our vocations, and so on to be to give glory to God and further the spreading of the gospel? How would be do this? The answer is actually simple: Instead of eating and sleeping for pleasure only, instead engage in the necessary amount that will restore the body’s faculties and give you the strength to carry on God’s work. And what about education and vocation? Well, gain an education, not with the focus of getting a money-making job, but with the focus of being better equipped to serve the Lord where He has called you. What about friendships and marriage? Instead of socializing with friends or marrying just for your own pleasure, let your friendships be about encouraging one another spiritually, and your marriage be to closer unite you with someone who has the same calling as you do in order to better serve the Lord together.

It gives a  whole new perspective to life, doesn’t it!

“Do all to the glory of God.”
Note: Give yourself a reality check. Examine your life and see if there are any areas that you have the wrong perspective on. Are your purposes for doing all your activities to honor God and reach out to others? Or are you engaging in activities that are merely for your own pleasure and gratification? If so, perhaps you need to change your perspective about the purpose of those activities, or perhaps you need to disengage from activities altogether…. Think about it…. Pray about it….

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