What One Hot Water Bottle Can Do

I have never felt a headache like that before. It felt like my head was about to burst. And that, coupled with a fever and chills, aching muscles, and stuffy sinuses made for very disagreeable sleeping conditions. Yes, I had a bad cold and was suffering the worst of it at about 12:00… midnight. I had tossed and turned for hours, exhausted and yet unable to sleep because of that terrible headache and all the above. I tried sitting up, but that only made me feel faint and nauseated.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer, and I called for and awakened my mother. You are never too old to be soothed by the cool hand of a loving parent on your forehead, the gentle brush of the hair from your face, and the quiet, calming voice filled with love and understanding. But even all that couldn’t take away the grueling headache, the fever, the aching joints, and yeah… all of the above.

Suddenly, Mom had an inspiration. “Sarah, I’m going to get you a hot water bottle for your feet. That will draw the fever away from your head.”

I wasn’t sure if it would work, but at that point I was willing to try anything. Soon, Mom slipped the toasty warm bottle under the covers and I pressed my feet against it. Mom also propped me up in bed with pillows so that my sinuses could drain while I was reclining in comfort. Lastly, my loving mother got me a fresh, cold ice pack for my head, as the one I had was about as warm as my fevered body at that point.

Within minutes, I began to feel the effects of these simple remedies. I stopped moaning and tossing, my stomach began to settle, I began to feel calm and relaxed, and within ten minutes I was sound asleep. I slept solidly until morning, and when I finally awoke, I felt like a new person. Gone was the upset stomach, the aching joints, and that awful headache. Not only that, my fever had broken during the night. All that was left was the sniffles, which would clear up in a day or two. What a difference one loving mother and one hot water bottle can make!

You know, God has provided so many natural remedies for us to use when we are feeling the effects of this degenerated, sinful earth. Sicknesses, flus, upset stomachs, and “all of the above” do not have to be treated with pills and painkillers. Sometime something as simple as a hot water bottle can be used to break a fever, or charcoal tablet to soothe a soar throat, or an ice pack to relieve a headache. On top of that, there are sickness preventions, such as a healthy, natural diet, fresh air and exercise, and much more. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit; we are not our own. Let’s take the time to learn more about how to stay healthy and get well so that we can present ourselves as living (not dying) sacrifices–holy and acceptable–unto God. God bless!


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