Where’ve I been?

Where’ve I been? Well, I’ve not been shirking my blogging duties, I can assure you! I have faithfully posting a weekly update… on my other blog! With the puppies growing so fast, I’ve been spending all my blogging time posting updates about them on Countryside Cavachons. You might like to see the pictures and the info about the puppies. Just go to www.CountrysideCavachons.blogspot.com, and you’ll find all sorts of interesting things.

Also, I’ve been trying to put together a writing WordPress blog that will feature my books, links to buy them, list my future projects, and show a calendar of writing/publishing timelines and upcoming book signings and things like that. Once I have it up and running I’ll let you all know!

Another thing that I’ve been very busy with is my school. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be summer break, but I like school so much that I can’t seem to ever put it down. I just recently graduated (on June 2nd, actually) from high school, and I’m already enrolled in a local community college. I’ll be taking a two year degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Child Development. I’m really excited to start–which I’ll be doing on July 8th for the summer term. I’ll just be taking a couple classes until next quarter, just to get the hang of it.

I already have all the generals out the way, thanks to the wonderful program called PSEO (basically early college classes for free while one’s in high school), and so the two-year program will only take me a year and a half at the most. Actually, though, I was just able to test out of at least one class (hopefully two–I haven’t gotten the results on the second test yet, since I just took it today), so that lightens my course load even more. You see, I’ve already been working in my parent’s family owned & operated business as a bookkeeper/secretary for many years now, and so I wanted to see if I couldn’t at least test out of some of the rudimentary basics.

The class that I tested out of yesterday was Professional Communications. It was a grueling four-hour test in which I had to prepare (if I remember right) six professional documents, such as an email, a memo, a permit request, a proposal and so on. It was difficult, but I did alright, made a passing grade, and actually had a little bit of fun preparing the documents involving fictitious scenarios.

The test I did today was Computer Applications in Business System Concepts. It consisted of two parts. The first part was a 41 question multiple choice quiz regarding basic computer knowledge and use. There were a few things (8 questions in all) that I had to guess on and got wrong, however, it was still a passing grade. The second part of the test involved creating three documents again involving fictitious scenarios. This was a lot of fun! In this scenario, I “was” the Consultant for a Travel Agency and I was advertising a Vacation Plan Package deal. First I had to create a Word document advertisement for an upcoming seminar discussing the Vacation Package. Then I had to create a PowerPoint presentation that I “would” give at the seminar, and lastly I had to create an Excel document with the financial records for the people who “had” signed up for the Planned Vacation.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, in case you’ve been wondering! 🙂


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