Book Update–Literally!

Now, when I say “Book Update,” I’m not talking about updating you about my book. I’m talking about updating you about my book update!

For a long time now, I have been feeling less than satisfied with the illustrations in The Prodigal Pup. While the cover picture is really cute and pretty well done, there are certain picture inside the book that look quite sloppy, carelessly-done, and childish.

And something was telling me that the message of the solemn message of salvation that the story portrays shouldn’t be coupled with sloppy, “I-don’t-care” kind of artwork.

So, here’s the update about the update! I am having all the illustrations in The Prodigal Pup redone by a different artist! He is commencing on the project this week, and are end goal date is before Christmas (although I don’t want to rush the process this time).

If you would, please keep this project in your prayers! I don’t know if the illustrator is a Christian, but he is very excited to work on this project, and perhaps the story will touch his heart in the process. Also, pray that the new illustrations will turn out to be a complement to rather than a detraction from the message of salvation in the story. Thank you so much!

*More updates to come….*


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