2013 In Retrospect


-Finished my very last home schooling class (American Government).

-Started my second (and last) semester of PSEO (early college while still in high school) at Northwestern College.

-Got my first cell phone!


-Began thinking and looking into different college options. Was hoping to do Elementary Education while living at home and commuting to classes….


-Got my very own car–a Buick Regel 2000–for a price and under circumstances that only my God could have arranged!

Sarah Brown & Buick Regel Car


-Turned 18 years old! Finally a (legal) adult!

-Went to Oklahoma Family Camp–such fun memories and good spiritual encouragement, not to mention seeing all my old friends and acquaintances! My wonderful father took the time to take my graduation pictures in this beautiful place!

2013_04_13 [5830] - Oklahoma Family Camp - Sarah Brown


-Rescued Chester, a white kitty who our dogs treed on our woodpile. He had terrible ear mite problems, which caused him to scratch his ears into a bloody mess. His coat was full of cockleburs and was horribly matted. We cleaned him up, shaved off a lot of the fur on his back where it was impossible to comb it out, and got him fixed up and neutered at the vet. Then about a month later we found a good home for him. Read full story here.


-Successfully took and passed my road test, which left me a licensed driver!

-Finished up my last PSEO classes, thus leaving high school behind me forever!

-Nikki delivered five healthy, adorable puppies during the night without needing a C-section (thanks to my mom, who stayed up all night and successfully pulled the first puppy, who was blocking the way of the others). After having a C-section for her first litter last year and losing the 6th puppy, I was so thankful that she was able to have a VBAC.


-Got my braces off! YAY! No extractions were necessary and I only had to wear them for one year!


-Had my graduation party, complete with about 90 guests! What a wonderful day!

Sarah Brown's Graduation

-Began two summer classes at Rasmussen College, where I thought I would go into Business Administration (which I was a part of for one short week before I changed plans).

-Did my very first job interview at the Sterns County Courthouse for an Administrative Assistant position. I was accepted for the position if I desired to have it, but I declined to take it for personal reasons. Now I’m so thankful that I didn’t, because that job would probably have prevented me from quitting Rasmussen College to go back to my original plan of Elementary Education.


-Formulated my new website: http://SarahEllenBrown.wordpress.com/.

-Began doing extensive and intensive research into college options and possibilities. Considered Ouachita Hills College in Arkansas (but felt homesick just thinking about it), considered Andrews in Michigan (too expensive….), and was generally very stressed about where God was leading me and why.


-Went to an Old Fashioned Camp Meeting in northern Minnesota to hear Danny Vierra from Modern Manna ministry speak about health–SO interesting! After this we decided to try his 10 day fast/cleanse program, which was quite an experience!


-Began looking into Inver Hills Community College as a possibility for finishing my first 2 years of generals, after which I would transfer somewhere else to finish my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.

-Found that Inver Hills (and Ridgewater College, it’s “sister” college which is closer to where I live than Inver) met my needs perfectly! God is so good. Began to sign up for classes, just before the deadline. (For the full story of how God led in my educational goals and plans, click here)


-The last puppy, Hudson, went to a WONDERFUL home! Just in time for me to have all puppy care off my plate before school started! To see more pictures of the puppies, go to my puppy blog.


-Started two classes online (through Inver)–History of American & Biology–and one on-campus (through Ridgewater)–Drawing I. Found them all to my liking!

-Decided to redo the illustrations in my second book, The Prodigal Pup. More info here.


-School & work.


-School & work…. And snow!


-Began finishing up my schoolwork. Drawing was my favorite class (and the drawing below is my favorite drawing–a 18×24 Charcoal). But History and Biology also ranked pretty high!


-Finished my finals and began my month-long Christmas break.

-Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.


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  1. Good to hear from you! It sounds like you had a very exciting year, with graduating, getting a new car, and a license, and turning 18! I remember how that felt not too long ago:) It was a blessing getting to know you!

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