It’s HERE!

The new and improved edition of The Prodigal Pup is NOW AVAILBLE!

Get your copy today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or TEACH Services publishing (best price offered here).

This new edition has the following improvements:

  • Beautiful, full-color illustrations done by a dedicated artist who cared about providing quality artwork!
  • Corrected textual errors (missing punctuation, grammar improvements).
  • Correlated the text with the new illustrations (for example, the portion that used to say, “I am only a scuffy, little dog named Jip,” now says, “I am only a plain, ordinary mongrel named Jip” to correspond with the new illustrations).

Even if you aren’t a child, you will still enjoy this book! Here’s what one reader had to say…

This book is not merely for children! Many of us know what it is to return to the slop pen of sin. This book is for anyone who has made big mistakes and gotten caught up in the vicious cycle of enslavement to sin and ultimately sought God’s forgiveness & release from bondage. And He is always there, ready to receive us and give us freedom from bondage & victory over our vices. I cry every time I read it! Very tender & touching.

Please order your copy of The Prodigal Pup today!


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