*Big Annoucement:* Third Book on the Way!

You know, I always hate to tell the public that I’m going to do something before it’s certain, because that’s practically asking to have my plans change. But, I’m going to take a risk today and make a public announcement that MY THIRD BOOK IS ON THE WAY!!!

Yes, Lord willing (for we cannot know what tomorrow will bring), my third book should be published sometime this year. Currently, I’ve got the full draft completed and am now working on editing it. Also, I’m working very hard on the illustrations–thanks to my wonderful art teacher at Ridgewater college, I now have the confidence to actually try my hand at illustrating one of my own books!

Cheeper [title is subject to possible change] will be filled with realistic, detailed charcoal drawings that capture the scenes from the story. A full color oil painting will grace the front cover.


What this book going to be about?

Cheeper is the story of an orphaned baby robin, thrown from his nest in a violent summer storm and rescued and raised by the Brown family. Follow Cheeper through life as he learns to fly and transitions from his cozy flannel-lined “nest” indoors to a life outdoors where he belongs. His life gets even better when he meets Lady Robin and starts his grand adventure South to weather the winter. It is on this adventure, however, that Cheeper’s rosy, self-centered view of life is shattered. A sudden and terrible tragedy leaves him having to deal with sorrow, loneliness, and pain. What will happen to him? Will he learn the important lessons of dealing with suffering? Will sorrow triumph, or will song? Based on a true story.


As with all my books, I like to base my stories on true events. So, Cheeper is a real robin who came into my family’s life in the year 2011. As the synopsis above states, we rescued him after a wind storm that knocked over about 25 trees (including the one that housed his nest) on our property. We raised him to adulthood, gradually transitioning him back into his native habitat, until he no longer came to us anymore. It was about early fall of that year that we caught our last glimpse of Cheeper. From that point on, I took the liberty of adding to the story the adventures of Cheeper’s flight south for the winter, all for the purpose of teaching important lessons about life, love, sorrow, and song.

I will keep you posted on the progress of my book in the weeks to come!


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