New Way to Bake a Potato

Who doesn’t love a baked potato? Well, they just got better!

Here is a recipe that I found quite some time ago and have wanted to try ever since. I just got around to it the other day. Here is the link to the recipe. However, here are a few adjustments that I made, and tips for making this recipe yourself.

  • Be very careful when cutting the slices in the potatoes; it is very easy to suddenly slip the knife all the way through the potato.
  • The author of the aforementioned recipe did not give a specific amount of salt to use. I used 1/4 teaspoon of salt and found it to be inadequate. I would recommend 1/2 teaspoon of salt for four large potatoes. This is just a personal preference, however.
  • I did not want to take the time to peel and crush fresh garlic, so I just added some granulated garlic to the oil/salt mixture.
  • I left off the pepper.
  • Being that these potatoes had been basking in the garden only minutes before I made the recipe (in other words, they were very fresh), I found that I had to bake them quite a bit longer than 40 minutes–probably closer to an hour.

Other than that, I love this recipe, and hope to make it again sometime! Perhaps I’ll make it a different way each time! One could apply many delicious variations to the same recipe. Have any of you ever made this recipe, and, if so, what variation did you use, and how do you like it?

*I did take a picture of the finished product, but there is something wrong with my camera at present, and the photo did not look nearly as delicious as the actual potato.


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