Making Dog Fur Into Precious Memories

My mother and I recently took the most interesting field trip. We went to visit a lady who does old fashioned spinning (with spindles and spinning wheels) of wool and dog fur. Yes! I said dog fur! You can make some of the most beautiful knitted and crocheted memories out of the fur that comes off your dog when you brush him! Here are some pictures and a video from our experience.

Carding the sheep’s wool and dog fur together.WP_20140814_003

The soft, fluffy dog/wool mixture ready for spinning.WP_20140814_004

The spinning wheel (one of many designs, but the one I liked the most).WP_20140814_005

Spinning with a spindle and a spinning wheel (yes, we got to try it ourselves, and it actually wasn’t too hard!).

WP_20140814_006   WP_20140814_011

Some beautiful, fuzzy mittens made from a Newfoundland dog. The crocheted or knitted object becomes fuzzy like this over time with use (which is something that only happens with dog yarn).WP_20140814_014

A fuzzy sweater made with the fur of a Great Pyrenees mixed with sheep’s wool. WP_20140814_016

More beautiful creations that can be made with dog fur and sheep’s wool spun together into yarn.

WP_20140814_018   WP_20140814_019

For a video of the carding and spinning process, click here.

I think this is such a wonderful way to make a memory from a dog or other pet (furry cats and bunny rabbits work too) who may not be around forever. This way you’ll have something useful and pretty to remember your pet by long after he’s gone!


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