Time to Plan for Christmas!

Hello everyone! What am I doing talking about Christmas when we’re not even to Thanksgiving? Well, first of all, because there happens to be a lot of snow on the ground up here in good ol’ Minnesota, which makes it feel like Christmas (not to mention the freezing temperatures that are more akin to December). Secondly, it never hurts to plan ahead!

The holiday season is going to be especially long for kids who are on school break. An excellent Christmas gift would be some interesting reading material to keep their minds active while they’re stuck indoors due to bad weather. Now, there are lots of books you could give to your children that would help to improve their reading skills and would entertain them with interesting or funny stories. However, wouldn’t you like your children’s reading material to also improve their characters and draw them closer to God? I had the same wish in mind when I wrote my two books, Learning Lessons from Furry Friends and The Prodigal Pup. I didn’t just want these books to educate and entertain, I also wanted them to inspire.

If you’re looking for educational and inspirational reading material to give to your children for Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the flyer for the two titles that I have written below. (Click on the picture to see a closer view of the flyer. Feel free to print and reference if so desired.)

Ad for books Pic


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