The Desires of My Heart

A poem that I wrote and shared at our Thanksgiving gathering….

“Oh, Father above,” My head bowed in prayer,
“It says in your Word that You hear and You care.
“I’m reading Your words in Psalm 37
Where it says if I set my sights upon heaven
“And delight in the Lord, then He will fulfill
“The desires of my heart, my wish, and my will.
“Well, I’ve longed for sweet romance,  love, and esteem,
“I’ve longed for acceptance–to not go unseen;
“I’ve longed for more friends, outward beauty, and charm;
“What’s wrong with these things? They would do me no harm!
“I’ve giv’n You first place, yet You haven’t fulfilled
“All desires of my heart, every thing that I’ve willed.”
Then into my thoughts, a quiet voice wrought,
Saying, “Perhaps the verse isn’t quite what you thought.
“Perhaps the ‘delight’ means to make Him your all,
“To seek first His kingdom, to answer His call.
“Then it says He’ll fulfill the desires of your heart,
“But you’ve interpreted that not in whole, but in part.
“Of course your Father in heaven will give
“Good gifts to His children as long as they live.
“Don’t forget all the blessings He’s bestowed upon you!
“And let thankfulness permeate all you say and you do.
“But there’s an aspect here that I think you’ve forgotten,
“And it’s not about what you have or hav’n’t gotten.
“Perhaps more important it gives you a guide
“Following this principle will your happiness provide:
“Delight in the Lord and in Him you will find
“Satisfaction of all the wills of your mind.
“But, rather than placating your every small whim,
“All desires of your heart find fulfillment in Him.”


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