Old Year’s Evaluation & New Year’s Goals

The New Year is upon us!

I have never done New Year’s resolutions–the only thing they are effective at (in most cases) is discouraging people. However, I really resonated with THIS type of planning for the New Year. Please take time to read the full article (it isn’t too long) by Jenni Marie on Kindred Grace.

I like to say, “Learn from the past, prepare for the future, and LIVE in the present.”

Here is how I would answer the thought-provoking evaluation questions asked:

Look Back

  • What are you most proud of gave you the most satisfaction this year? My educational accomplishments.
  • What was the biggest risk you took? Trying a different breeder for my dog Nikki (instead of going with someone I knew personally). It didn’t take the first time, but I think we’ll have results from the rebreeding.
  • What did you learn this year? The Lord has been teaching me to break down walls and instead build bridges with those I love.
  • What do you wish you had made more time for? For ministry and outreach.
  • What are three highlights (business or personal) of your year? 1) Graduating with my Associate of Arts (see picture below), 2) beginning substitute teaching at a charter school, and 3) releasing the second edition of my second book, The Prodigal Pup, (with new and improved illustrations).


Look Forward

  • What “word” do you want to define 2015? Love. I want to have greater love for God and others in the upcoming year.
  • What are three big goals (business or personal) for 2015? 1) To finish my third book and begin my fourth, 2) to do my very best in school and maintain straight A’s, and 3) to make a difference at the charter school where I now substitute teach.
  • What do you want to stop doing in 2015? All selfish behavior and thoughts….
  • What things excite you about the upcoming year? I cannot wait to begin my fourth book (sorry, I can’t reveal any details… yet)!
  • What do you want to learn in 2015? I want the Lord to show me how I can best use the talents and gifts He has given me to reach others for His kingdom.

What’s my “plan of action”? How will I achieve my goals? What I know for certain is that, without the power, grace, and leading of my heavenly Father, I will not be able to accomplish anything good this upcoming year. However, “with my God I can scale any wall” (Ps. 18:29, NLT).

May God bless you and keep you in the year(s) ahead!


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