Spring Break Painting Project

I had a lovely, one-week break after my third term at Liberty University ended. As you all know, I always like to have some project to work when I’m on break. Of course, there was the usual piled up “to do’s” that I just don’t have time for when I’m in school–ironing, mending, blogging, working on my manuscript/illustrations, etc.–but besides those things, I like to also have something a little more out of the ordinary to work on. So, at Mom’s suggestion, I decided to give our pantry cupboard a makeover!

It was the perfect project–not too long, not too short, and very rewarding! Here are the before and after pictures. First, the inside.

Cupboard Inside 1 Cupboard Inside 2 (2) Cupboard Inside 3

I’m afraid that I thickheadedly went and forgot to take a “before” picture of the cupboard when it was empty. The middle and right picture are “after” pictures, but it’s rather hard to see what the inside of the cupboard actually looked like before I painted and papered it white with all the items on the shelves. To get a small idea, look at the base of the bottom shelf. See that yellowed, roughened wood? That what the whole inside looked like when I began this project.

Then for the outside of the cupboard. I actually didn’t do any painting on this, just scrubbed it down.

Cupboard Outside 1    Cupboard Outside 2

Again, it’s kind of difficult to see what actually changed, but here’s one way to get a feel for how much better it looked after I finished–look at the bottom left corner of the top right cupboard door in the “before” picture. See that dirty splotch mark? In the “after” pic, that mark and others like it are gone.

So, that was what I was occupied with over my spring break, among other things!


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