In Memory of Aleicia Ann

My soon-to-be-released manuscript, Cheeper, is written in memory of Aleicia Ann, the little baby girl our family lost to miscarriage in 2008. A few years after the miscarriage, I wrote a short story about losing the little sister I had always prayed for–and yet not really losing her after all, as I believe we will be reunited at the Resurrection when Jesus comes again. This story was published in the Above Rubies magazine. My email address was included at the end, along with a paragraph about Learning Lessons from Furry Friends, my first book. Alicia Willis emailed me after reading this story, as she also is an author, and we have been in contact ever since. Just this month, I commissioned her to edit my Cheeper manuscript. It was then that we were both amazed to discover that her name (though spelled differently) is the same as the name we chose for the little baby we lost in 2008! God works in mysterious ways!

FB Messenger with Alicia Willis Screenshot

Note: At the time of this conversation, I mistakenly thought the unique spelling my mom liked was “Aleisha,” but after talking with Mom, I realized it is “Aleicia.”


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