Annual Booksigning

My annual booksigning at our church campmeeting went very well this year!

The bookstore gave me the cutest table to set up my display on!


At the beginning of the week, my third book had not yet arrived. So, I had to put up a sign that read: “Coming Soon! Be here next Saturday night for the signing of my third book,” with a picture of the cover and the synopsis.

Unfortunately, the copies of Cheeper that I ordered from the publisher to arrive before Saturday night got lost somewhere in the UPS system and did not arrive on time. I had to purchase a copy of Cheeper from Amazon at the full price, plus the overnight shipping in order to have at least one display copy.


Thankfully the display copy arrived on time–a full 3 hours before my booksigning was scheduled! Just a enough time to run home and pick up the copy and head back to the campmeeting! God is good!

Otherwise, I sold completely out of my first two books, Learning Lessons from Furry Friends, and The Prodigal Pup. I also was able to take orders for Cheeper, thankfully, since my shipment arrived just today–just 48 hours too late. However, I still say God is good, and I’m glad I at least had my display copy in time!

I loved meeting all the wonderful people who stopped by and showed an interest in my books. I can’t wait for my booksigning next year!


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