“Can Never See a Bird the Same Way Again”

Fellow homeschool graduate and author of one of my favorite books, From the Dark to the Dawn: Tale of Ancient Rome, Alicia A. Willis, left me the following review of my new book, Cheeper:

I highly recommend this sweet and Christ-glorifying tale for children and pre-teens. The story of a little robin lingered in my heart long after I read it. I can never see a bird or a nest the same way again. I praise God that He sees every little bird and that He loves us so much more. A must-read for those who want to be inspired in their faith while enjoying a sweet, innocent tale.

This is the same Alicia who helped edit the book and who happens to have the same name we gave to the little baby our family lost to miscarriage (and to whom the book is dedicated): Aleicia Ann.

I tell the story of Aleicia Ann in the Postscript of my book, so head over to Amazon to purchase a copy!


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