Update on Me

Today was the start of a new term at Liberty University. As part of our first day of online classes, our professors have us write introductions of ourselves for other classmates to read on the class discussion forums. I got to thinking that some of you might enjoy reading my introduction, to get a glimpse of where I currently am in my journey as an author and educator.

I am a 20-year-old from beautiful, rural Central Minnesota. I am in my final year as an Elementary Education major through Liberty University Online. I am not technically a teacher as of yet, but I have been working as a substitute paraprofessional at a Montessori school since last year, so I do have quite a bit of experience working with students–I’ve even had the opportunity to teach a few small group and class lessons. I firmly believe that I have a calling in the education field–I just don’t know exactly what that will look like yet. I may teach at a public school, or eventually get a fulltime job at the Montessori school where I currently teach, or I may even teach in a mission country. I’ve always dreamed of starting a small in-home school for neighbor children here in Minnesota, and I definitely plan to homeschool my own children someday. I’ve even thought about designing my own curriculum. I love writing–my favorite hobbies are writing and art. I have written and published three children’s books so far (Learning Lessons from Furry Friends, The Prodigal Pup, and Cheeper: Seasons of Song). I actually got to do the illustrations for Cheeper, as well as writing it, which was very exciting. I have a couple more “works in progress/planning” that I hope to someday see as published. If you’re interested in any more of my work, you can connect with me online on Amazon and/or Facebook.

Thank you all so much for your support, encouragement, and prayers!


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