Do Kids Have to Learn Within Their Personal Learning Styles?

I realize that I’ve been posting mainly teaching-related content lately, but you have to realize that I am passionate not just about writing, but also about education (and am an Elementary Education major, which brings a lot of these articles to my attention). I found this to be an excellent article with some interesting new thoughts on whether or not children should have to learn within their learning style comfort zone. For example, the following statement really jumped out at me:

While students may have clear preferences about how they learn, they will absorb information just as well whether or not it is presented in their preferred style. Kids are still very different, of course, but the effectiveness of a lesson usually depends on other factors—natural aptitude, current ability, background knowledge, interest in the topic (or learning in general), personal distractions, etc. “Focusing too much on differences in learning styles often comes at the cost of attention to these other important dimensions.”

Read the rest of the article by clicking here. What are your thoughts?


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