The Best Way to Educate Your Child

I want to share one of the most amazing, riveting broadcasts I’ve ever listened to on the subject of education. What do you do when the school just isn’t going well for your child? Maybe it’s not that their not smart, but simply that they need a different approach. Here all that and more in this interview with homeschool mother and author Carol Barnier. Click here to listen to Part 1 of this audio broadcast and here to listen to Part 2. If it’s been over 31 days since the broadcast aired, it may not be available for streaming, but you can purchase a CD or read the transcript. One of my favorite quotes is as follows: “All parents homeschool their children… Just some of us do it full-time and others do it in the evenings and call it homework.” This radio program will keep you on the edge of your seat with Carol’s ingenuity, creativeness, and even little learning ditties she performs! Enjoy and prepare to have your whole perspective on your child’s education change!


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