Highlights From the Creation Museum

On December 27th, my mom, my brother, a friend of mine, and I set off for Kentucky for a wonderful, 8-day trip. The main focus of our trip was the GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) conference in Louisville, but we left a couple days early so we could see the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, only about one and a half hours north of our final destination.

It’s a good thing we took two whole days to explore the museum, because there was barely enough time to see everything in those two days! This was our first time to this museum, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! The facilities were clean and up-to-date, with all sorts of modern technology, as well as being very enlightening and interesting and faith-building. Here are some of the highlights from our experience (please excuse the poor picture quality–I was using my iPod):

…The life-like models all over the place! Some of them even moved and talked. This boy was gently waving his leg back and forth.


…Getting to hold a boa constrictor for the first time! He was cold and scaly and heavy, but wasn’t wet or clammy feeling like I expected. He was also very strong! I was trying to move his head over for the picture, but it was like trying to bend a tree branch.


…All the beautiful artwork and design throughout the museum depicting the history of the world. I love how they seamlessly integrated models (as in the foreground) with beautiful paintings (in the background).


…Getting to meet Ken Ham in person and hear him speak. His lecture was SO good! He talked about everything from genetics, to worldviews, to clothing standards. I loved one of his slides that showed the genetic grid of how all the different races could have come from Adam and Eve (I find genetics fascinating). We even got to get our picture taken with Ken Ham and Buddy Davis.


…The absolutely gorgeous Christmas light display covering the whole gardens! Pictures can’t do it justice! It was breathtakingly beautiful!



I loved this quilt that they had displayed in the stairwell. It shows the “Seven C’s of History” (Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, the Cross, Consummation).


Check out the detail work on this quick! So colorful and intricate!


…Getting to hear Tommy Mitchel’s lecture about dinosaurs. I kept waiting for him to step in just the right spot so I could get the moose horns in the background to frame HIS head, but he never stood in the right spot. 🙂 My favorite quote from his lecture (as best I can remember it): “The battle is not over different evidence… but over different worldviews.”


Getting to see the exact spot where Ken Ham debated Bill Nye (did anyone else see that debate?). Of course, they didn’t have the Christmas display up at that time, but this is the same stage where they stood.


…Eating in Noah’s Café, where they served the most delicious hummus salad and pita bread! (Here’s my friend and I waiting for our food.)


…Seeing real fossilized dinosaur eggs!


This was really neat! It’s a dinosaur head, but notice the two parallel bones under the left side of the head? They are not attached to any other bones in the dinosaur’s body–just muscles and ligaments. They’re the “floating” bones.


A panorama view of “Ebenezer,” as he’s apparently named.


What a HUGE dragonfly! He’s about a foot across from wingtip to wingtip! If you ask me, giants like this are evidence that there was a different atmosphere before the flood that made conditions right for animals to just keep growing and growing!


…Seeing all sorts of interesting (and yes, some disgusting) bugs and beetles in the “Creepy-Crawlies” room. I had no clue that grasshoppers could have such pretty wings! Or be so big!


What an amazing experience from start to finish! My absolute favorite was getting to see “The Created Cosmos” program in the planetarium! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any pictures in there. It has these comfortable plush seats that you can lean back and recline in while watching the huge circular screen overhead. It’s such a large screen that it makes you feel like you’re a part of whatever they’re showing you. We saw three of their programs, but “The Created Cosmos” was the best. It really put our nothingness in perspective in comparison with the size of the universe…. And yet God chose this tiny little speck of dust to send His Son to, and has promised to one day set up His kingdom here. To move all of heaven to this earth. Wow!

If any of you are going to be in the KY area any time soon, I highly recommend checking out the Creation Museum! It is a wonderful, faith-building experience!

Stay tuned! I’ll post pictures from the rest of our trip and our experiences at GYC in my next post.



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