Grooming Nikki Time-lapse

What’s been keeping me so busy lately? Well, college for one thing–preparing for student teaching especially. But also, my dog, Nikki, is going to have puppies within the next couple of weeks! We geared up for the puppies to arrive by giving Nikki a full grooming! Here is an action-packed 3 minute version of the process! Boy, do I ever wish it only took 3 minutes give Nikki a full trim! In reality, this grooming took about an hour-and-a-half.

If you want to see a slower version so you can get an idea of my techniques, try my 10 minute version of the same grooming. The sounds are HILARIOUS, being sped up and high-pitched. I assure you that any squeaks you hear are MY voice at 8x its normal speed, and NOT Nikki whining!

Check out those fur-covered socks! Now you know why I wear the grooming outfit to protect my clothes from all the clingy fur, but, unfortunately, the outfit didn’t come with sock-covers. Next time I think I will wear plastic bags over my socks!

WP_20160307_16_06_08_Rich_LI (2)

Here she is after her trim! Check out that big pregnant belly!! I wonder how many puppies she’s got in there!! We’ll just have to wait and see! If you’d like to get more info on our puppies, check out of website: Countryside Cavachons.


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