Drawing Class II: Elephant

I’ve finished all my education courses now, and only have 3 summer electives to complete before I graduate with my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education! The really fun class that I’m taking this term (along with a general math class that I need if I ever go on for my Master’s) is Drawing II. To see a review and pictures from the Drawing I class that I took way back when I was finishing my AA degree, click here. Next term I’ll be taking Vector Illustration, which should really be interesting!

This week’s drawing assignment was to simply create a representational drawing of a single object from direct observation, stressing careful proportional measurement. I learned about the varied and proper ways to use a pencil for sighting (you know, closing one eye and holding it at arms length to gage the proportions of what is being drawn). I thought I knew how to sight, but I actually learned a lot of neat tips!

Here is the little elephant figurine that I drew, given to me by a dear friend who brought it to me as a birthday present all the way from Kenya, Africa.


And here is the drawing that I made of it! It’s not perfect, but I am happy with how it turned out. Using a pencil for sighting really helped me to make accurate proportions!

WP_20160522_16_40_00_Rich (2)


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