Drawing Class II: Still Life

For this next drawing assignment, I was to create a still life drawing depicting multiple objects seen in visual relationship to one another.
So, I went with a small collection of 4 objects (the minimum number): 3 decorative dishes and 1 pinecone. I tried to cluster the objects together in a way that created a pleasing visual composition–I tipped the one decorative dish on its side for variety, and countered that funny angle on the other side by the way I tipped my pinecone.
I sequestered myself in our below-ground-level basement and put a blanket over the window, and then used one of my dad’s photography soft-lights to light the set up almost directly from the right side. The goal was to have only one light source, and to have a dark background instead of a light one like I had in my past couple drawings.

I don’t think I got my value scales dark enough and light enough, but I’m still pretty happy with how my picture turned out. Keep in mind that the reference picture was taken from a lower angle than the angle from which I viewed my still life set up as I drew it (I did not draw it from the picture, opting to work with the real thing).

25a. Still Life Drawing Reference 25b. Still Life Drawing


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