Vector Illustration: Pattern Collection

This assignment asked us to create a pattern collection–a main print (contains all elements of the pattern), secondary print (contains same colors/style, but has fewer elements), and blender print (complementary print using only one or two elements/colors).

I started by putting a couple ideas onto paper.

Project 2 Pattern Design Idea 1 Project 2 Pattern Design Idea 2

You can see that I played with two types of patterns: Organic and geometric. While I liked both ideas, I ended choosing to do the organic design. The resulting pattern collection I have labeled “Viney Hearts.”

My first goal was to create a design that reflects me as a person. I was able to accomplish this to my perfect satisfaction! Vines have always been something that I love to draw, as well as hearts. The vines with little curlicue tendrills, branching leaves, and curvy flowers are practically my trademark, as are hearts with curvy edging. Below is a pattern that I drew a couple years ago for a drawing class at a different school so you can see how “me” this style of vines and hearts is.

There were a couple of things that I did that helped to make my “Viney Hearts” pattern collection so visually attractive. First, as I already mentioned, I chose an organic design. This gave the design an allusion of spring–a feel of fluidity, grace, and beauty. Secondly, I utilized a spring-toned color palette of several corresponding colors which are very pleasing to the eyes. Lastly, I used transparency to add a subtle illusion of depth. So, if you look closely at my main and secondary prints, you can see that I copied and pasted a transparent, rotated layer of white vines, leaves, and flowers under the main graphic layers.

What I like best about this pattern collection is how each of the prints manages to have its own unique style, while still adhering to the overall theme and design. Did you know that you can actually have the patterns you create printed on cloth which you can have made into clothes, or even made into wrapping paper or wallpaper? SpoonFlower ( makes all of the latter, while Zazzle ( can put your patterns on ties, iPhone cases, bags, and more! You can even sell your designs on Zazzle! I just might try to sell this pattern there! What do you think? Is it something you would buy?


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