Vector Illustration: Portfolio

Folks, I am DONE with my Elementary Education degree! I just completed my last class (Vector Illustration, ARTS 332).

As the title of this post suggests, my final project was to create a portfolio of all my work throughout the class. The instructions said, “The portfolio must be designed with an appropriate level of aesthetic. Create a unique look for the portfolio, but do not allow your design to overwhelm the content.”

I decided to showcase my work like it’s on a work table, or an arts and crafts table. It was really fun, and I think it turned out really good. There’s similarity on each page, but also variety. It took me forever to make though–I think I’ve spent a total of about 15 hours just on this project (not counting the preliminary sketches, etc.).

Here is the cover page – I combined all the crafting supplies from the other pages around the edge of the page title. I organized all my work into 4 categories: 1) Icons, 2) Infographics, 3) Stationery, and 4) Wall Décor. These categories helped to shape the theme that I used on each page.

Porfolio - Cover Page

Page 1: Icons – What better way to showcase icons than to put them on an iPad and iPod?

Portfolio - Icons Page

Page 2: Infographics – Infographics are like posters. Why not “paste” them onto matching poster paper and “cut out” cool designs around the edges?

Portfolio - Infographics Page

Page 3: Stationery – They stood alone, but I added the titles of the work right on the letterhead, and laid a pen (I love how the pen turned out) over the top.

Portfolio - Stationery Page

Page 4: Wall Décor – Wall décor belongs in picture frames (didn’t they turn out soooo pretty! That’s the power and beauty of using gradients!), with pretty gold placards with the pieces’ names engraved on them.

Portfolio - Wall Decor Page

“That’s not how I remember Project 1 looking!” You probably remember it looking something like this:

Project 1

You’ll also remember that neither my professor nor I were quite happy with how it turned out. So, I redid it for this final project. I am much happier with Version 2 (ok, it’s a little grim, but I still like the overall look better).

Project 1 Version 2

Over all, I am SO happy with how my Portfolio turned out. I think it has been my best work of this whole class. And what a great way to end my years of college!!


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