Birthday Giveaway

Hey everyone! My birthday is this week! To celebrate, I want to give a gift to one of my readers–maybe even you! What’s the gift? A signed copy of my third book, “Cheeper: Seasons of Song.”


Cheeper is the story of an orphaned baby robin that my family and I rescued and raised after a summer storm. We released him back into the wild, and from then on, my imagination and researched knowledge about robins guides Cheeper’s story. His life gets even better when he meets Lady Robin and starts his adventure south to weather the winter. A sudden and terrible tragedy, however, shatters Cheeper’s rosy, self-centered view of life and forces him to deal with sorrow, loneliness, and pain. What will happen to him? Will he learn the important lessons of dealing with suffering? Will sorrow triumph, or will song? Cheeper: Seasons of Song is a heart-warming story with numerous charcoal drawings and a message that will speak to all ages.

To enter the giveaway, click on the Rafflecopter link below. All of the tasks are optional, but different tasks give you different numbers of entries, so for the most chance of winning, do as many of the tasks as you can. Purchasing one or both of my other books can give you up to TEN ENTRIES into the giveaway! I will notify the winner by email and send a signed copy of my book to them soon after the giveaway ends (on May 3rd).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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