Read to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Do you love to read? Do you like to write book reviews? Is your favorite place to shop online on If so, then this is the perfect summer challenge for you! Fourteen homeschooled authors--myself included--have pooled our most recent books to create this awesome summer challenge for you! All you have to do: Purchase the each …


Update on Me

Today was the start of a new term at Liberty University. As part of our first day of online classes, our professors have us write introductions of ourselves for other classmates to read on the class discussion forums. I got to thinking that some of you might enjoy reading my introduction, to get a glimpse of where I …

Cokato Booksigning Begins Tomorrow

Nearly ready for the big event! Hope all the Cokato, MN and nearby residents who have kids or love to read animal stories will stop by tomorrow (Monday, the 10th) between 4 and 6:00, Tuesday between 6 and 8:00, and Wednesday between 5 and 7:00. See you there!