Interview & Giveaway on Homeschooled Authors

I had the privilege of being hosted for an interview on the Homeschooled Authors blog! Check out the link below and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of your choice of one of my three books.


Teacher Interview #2

Here is my second teacher interview from my EDUC 200 assignment. If you would like the read the first one done with Molly, a teacher in Myanmar, you will find it here. Judy is a seasoned teacher of 20 years who currently works as a full-time Music Specialist for grades two through five at Park Elementary in …

Teacher Interview #1

Another EDUC 200 assignment was to interview teachers with ten, open-ended questions about the teaching field. I picked four teachers that I know personally and did the interview with them via email. Here is the first response. Molly is a teacher of 6 years. She currently works at the Ayeyarwaddy International School in Mandalay, Myanmar, as …