New Post of Old Poems

Hey everyone! I decided that, until I have some new poetry or prose completed (coming soon!), I will post some of my old work. So, here are some poems I wrote awhile back.

Here’s a fitting one for this time of year!

A Spring Day

The sun’s coming up
On a morning in Spring;
I open my eyes
And hear the birds sing.

Outside on the lawn
Under green, shady bowers,
I inhale the sweet smell
Of the first April flowers.

I love the cool morn
And the bright afternoon;
In the vast blue sky
Is the faint, distant moon.

The seasons God gives,
And the blessings they bring,
Tell of His love
In the wonders of Spring.
This one I wrote for my wonderful mother on Mother’s Day, year 2007:
Thank You Mom

Moms were made for many things:
To care for and to please us.
They pray and guide us all the way,
And give us love from Jesus.

God made moms in different ways:
For playing, working, caring.
He made some soft and gentle,
And others brave and daring.

I’ll tell you all about my mom:
God made her exactly right!
He made her soft but brave,
And filled her with heavenly light.

Last of all I thank you Mom–
I’m glad you’re not like some!
We could not ask for more from you!
Just thanks for being our Mom.
I wrote this poem from Psalm 23, and it’s one of my favorites!
 The Good Shepherd

The Lord is my good Shepherd;
He gives all I need:
He leads me by still waters;
In green pastures I will feed.

As I pass through troubles
And no way out I see,
The Lord of life is by my side–
His staff and rod cheer me.

I have a place in heaven;
With food my table is spread.
My cup is running over
And His oil anoints my head.

His goodness and mercy
Shall always follow me,
And I will live with Jesus
Through all eternity!

This poem was one that Young Disciple magazine published:
C is for Christ-like: doing your part;

H is for happy: God’s joy in your heart.

A for no anger: let love take it’s place;

R is for radiant: a smile on your face.

A is for angel: be sweet and don’t fight;

C is for courage: to stand for what’s right.

T is for truthful: be honest in all;

E is for eager: to answer God’s call.

R is for righteous: living for Him;
Give Him your heart
And let Him come in!
Well, that’s some samples of the poetry I like to write! Later I will post some of my stories and essays, and artwork and photos. Just keep checking back for more!


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