New Hairstyle!

Hey everyone! Here’s some pictures of my brand-new hairstyle! I had fun getting my hair cut, and just after the dresser cut it and it was still wet it seemed fine, but after it dried, I noticed that she had done a rather choppy job…. She doesn’t usually do that bad of a job. But, hey, it’ll grow back. In the evening Daddy and I went to an old farm place where nobody lives anymore, and he took pictures of me beside all the old buildings. Also understand that it was very cold and windy out for these pictures, so I might look like I’m shivering, and my hair might be blowing all over the place in some, but I had fun taking the pics with Daddy, and he got a couple that I really like!

Random photos with all the farm buildings….

NOTE: It was very windy and very cold out, so if I look all shivery and my new hairdo is blowing everywhere… that’s why! πŸ™‚

And here’s my personal favorite…
And since it was Daddy’s birthday on the day we took the pictures, I asked him if we could do something special. Here’s what we got, my other favorite:
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in my life! You’ll always be THE BEST, Daddy!

3 Replies to “New Hairstyle!”

  1. Oh what fun! I especially like the first picture…I love horseshoes, and of course the horses that wear them πŸ˜€ I also like the last picture :Dhugs!Jessicap.s. I promise I haven't forgotten your email! πŸ˜€

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