More Book Updates!

I am SO excited!

The redone paintings for my second book, The Prodigal Pup, are now FINISHED! All that’s left to do now before this remastering project is finished is to put the new artwork into the layout, and touch up some of the details!

But, since that might take a couple more weeks before you can get your own copy of this “new and improved” edition of my book, I wanted to give you a little preview of the AWESOME artwork that my new illustrator did for me! I am so impressed and so happy!

Here are some “before & after” pictures, to show you how the new artwork compares with the old, and to give you a sneak peek of what the new edition of The Prodigal Pup will be like.

Here’s the first one:

Before & After


And the second one:

Old & New


And the third one:

Then & Now

And that’s only three out of eleven excellent spreads for my book. Praise the Lord, He brought me to the perfect illustrator, one who could do realistic artwork, while still capturing what I call the “cute factor” that will endear children to Jip and his story.

(And, by the way–just in case you were wondering why the old illustrations depict a scruffy little dog, while the new ones show a larger, short-haired dog–the new ones are actually closer to what the real Jip looks like. At the time that I did the first illustrations, I did not have a picture of the real Jip, which I’ve included below.)

Griswolds 4


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