Book Giveaway

I have been following the lives of the Duggar family for years now, and I love the principles they stand for and the life that they live! Granted, I don’t think I’d ever have as many kids as they do (19 kids and counting…), but in my opinion, they raise their 19 kids better than most people raise their 2 or 3 (no offense to any parents out there)!

Anyway, the oldest 4 girls of the Duggar family, Jana, Jill, Jessa, & Jinger (all the children’s names start with “J”s) have written a book about relationships–with God, parents, friends, boys, you name it. It’s also about their experiences growing up in such a large family. I’m so excited about this book–which is releasing tomorrow actually–and I can’t wait to read it.

I’m also excited to announce that a blog that I follow is giving away 5 FREE copies of this book. Here is the link: I’m really hoping that I might be able to win one of those 5 copies!

If I don’t, and if you’re not able to either, here’s a link to where you can find this book on Amazon:

Growing Up Duggar


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