Birth Announcement

The puppies have arrived! They were born yesterday, Wednesday, March 23rd, between the hours of 11:20 and 1:52. Here are the pictures and descriptions of each puppy just after it arrived. Our name theme for this year’s litter is Car Makes (you know, like Kia, Chevy, Honda, etc.).

Puppy #1 [Name TBD]: Born at 11:20 am. Male, curly-coated, all tannish-red, no visible white markings.

Puppy #1

(Nikki laid down next to her and draped her leg backwards over her to keep her warm. I love how mother dogs are so concerned about the well-being of their already-born puppies, even though they’re still going through the pain of labor with the unborn puppies.)

Puppy #2 [Name TBD]: Born 11:42 am. Female, smooth-coated, red w/ lt. tan rear paw, white tip on right front paw, white chest, and white speck on top of head.

Puppy #2

Puppy #3 [Name TBD]: Born 12:07 pm. Female, curly-coated, all dark red, white toe tips, white chest, front right paw red, white throat stripe down to chest, white stripe on bottom of hind foot.

Puppy #3

Puppy #4 [Name TBD]: Born 12:27 pm. Female, curly-coated, tan, white stripe on forehead, all white belly.

Puppy #4

Puppy #5 [Name TBD]: Born 1:52 pm. Male, smooth-coated, all red, white stripe on chin and throat.

Puppy #5

Head over to our dog-blog if you’d like more info on the puppies: Countryside Cavachons.


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