Vector Illustration: Custom Typography

For this assignment, my job was to create a pretty layout for a quote of 6-13 words, paying attention to hierarchy and style. I started by exploring 3 ideas.

Idea 1: I was going for emphasis of the main words, simplicity of design, and a focus on the text, rather than the background. I loved the inside border, but not quite the outer one. I loved the curly text, but didn’t think that it fit with the board-like font.

WP_20160802_21_09_09_Rich (3)

Idea 2: This time I was shooting to make the text out of something in the environment: vines. Unfortunately, they kind of took over, and I found it to be way too difficult to read and too messy. Not enough emphasis on the text.

WP_20160803_15_09_47_Rich (4)

Idea 3: This time I was shooting for text in the environment: writing with lipstick on the mirror. I loved the mirror idea, and the writing in lipstick, but thought the font too plain, and missed the emphasis on the main words.

WP_20160804_19_38_15_Rich (3)

So, for my final product, I decided to combine the first and third ideas:

Project 1

Unfortunately, I only earned a grade of 87% for this work. My professor stated that my concept was ok, but my execution needed refinement. She said that the type is hard to read and doesn’t look good, and the drop shadow is a bit harsh. She recommended that I don’t outline my shapes, but instead to try using a different shade of the background color and maybe mute it a bit. I do agree with her that my design is lacking in something, though I’m not sure what. I do like the smeary text–that was kind of the point, as it is “writing with lipstick on the mirror.” Maybe it is the color scheme, though, that just is not cohesive…. Maybe it is that the mirror, dresser, and wall just don’t look real enough…. Any thoughts or ideas?


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